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6 Seater Dining Table (Trystan)


Toya Icons Trystan Dining Table – 6 Seater

Complementing light and dark shades of colors. Perfect if you want a modern dining area.

8 Seater Dining Table (Briana)


Toya Briana 8 Seater Dining Table. Wooden 8 seater dining table that can be extended into a 10 seater dining table (comes with 2 extra seats). Perfect for big families or occasions.

Advantage Card | HomeStyle Depot Happy Card


Earn while you shop? Yes you can at HomeStyle Depot. Avail of our Happy Card for only 100 PESOS and enjoy points, promos, discounts, and prices. Enjoy your shopping experience only at HomeStyle Depot!

Brown Recliner Chair (Aviana)

Brown Aviana Recliner Chair.

Want to sit back and relax? This comfortable chair is perfect for your bedroom or living area. Available at Home Style Depot Zamboanga.

Cabinet TV Stand

Luxurious Dark Wood Finish TV Cabinet.

Perfect for living and bedroom, with bookshelves and drawers. Available at Home Style Depot Zamboanga.

Carpenter Door


Carpenter Door Atlantic SP.

Sizes available: 40 x 70 x 210, 40 x 80 x 210, 40 x 90 x 210, 40 x 100 x 210. More Carpenter Door and wooden door designs available at Home Style Depot. Make an impact to your guests by making you entrance stylish.

Kitchen Cabinet with Multiple Storage


Dark Wood Finish Kitchen Cabinet with multiple storage. Can store small kitchen appliances, utensils, plates, and other kitchen items.

L-Shaped Sofa Set (Katie)


Katie L-Shaped Sofa Set.

Minimalist design and color that is both soothing to the eyes and comfortable to sit on. Style your living area with this L-Shaped Sofa Set. Available at Home Style Depot Zamboanga.

L-Type Glass Top Office Table


L Type Glass Top Office Table.

Luxury dark finish with multiple compartments. Perfect for an executive. Available at Home Style Depot Zamboanga.

Lesley Bookshelf w/ White Table


Lesley Bookshelf with White Table.

Multiple areas to store your living room items, books, frames, etc. Comes with a small white table with 2 small doors. Clean white shade.

Outdoor Furniture | 4 Seater Garden Set


Margo Garden Set 4 Seater. Stylish glass top table with 4 comfortable seats. Perfect for styling your outdoor area. Available at Home Style Depot Zamboanga.

Safety Helmet | Armor Construction Safety Helmet


Construction safety materials available at HomeStyle Depot. Safety helmets or hard hats available with different colors and sizes. Your safety is also our priority at HomeStyle Depot.

Victoria Bedroom Set w/ White Wardrobe


Victoria Bedroom Set with White Wardrobe.

Clean white color shade on all furnitures. Junior size bed. Items are sold separately. Available at Home Style Depot Zamboanga.