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Fire Alarm

Fire alarm with push button. Fire safety is as important as designing your place. Fire alarms and extinguishers available at Home Style Depot.

Guardwell Safety Vault

Guardwell Safety Vault. Model #20SZ. Available at Home Style Depot. MORE SIZES AVAILABLE. Secure your personal belongings.

Marshall Caution Tape

Marshall Caution Tape and other security products are available at Home Style Depot.

Marshall Danger Tape

Marshall Danger Tape. Size 3X500 meters. Secure the location properly. Available at Home Style Depot.

Safety Helmet | Armor Construction Safety Helmet


Construction safety materials available at HomeStyle Depot. Safety helmets or hard hats available with different colors and sizes. Your safety is also our priority at HomeStyle Depot.

Traffic / Safety Cones


Traffic and safety cones are a must in urban and rural roads. Safety is always the number one priority. Traffic cones available at Home Style Depot.

Wi-Fi Security Camera

Smart Home Wi-Fi Security Camera. Can be monitored using your smart phone. Wireless connection. Secure your home with this useful cctv available at Home Style Depot.